Our PrestaShop SEO Services are vital for any business that wants a to run a healthy website. We will make sure that your shop and your products are visible and well-ranked on Search Engines. With over 15 years of experience (we've practically been around since SEO started being a thing) we know very well what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do. Too many times we've seen sites disappearing off the face of the Internet due to botched or exploitative, black hat SEO work. Our methods are 100% compliant with Google's Recommended Best Practices and we closely monitor every update coming out from them to make sure that our work is effective and your content remains valuable.

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Is your website too slow? A PrestaShop store should load in less than 3 seconds if hosted on a properly configured server. Our Page Speed Optimization Service will prevent you from losing clients due to a slow loading site and will significantly reduce the time they spend starting from the moment they access your store until they pay for the products.
Take your online business to the next level by choosing a fast, secure and infinitely customizable e-commerce platform: Prestashop. Constantly evolving and already having an extensive list of modules offering additional functionality, PrestaShop can easily replace any platform you are currently using.
The way in which Google and other search engines view the content of your online store can be different to what you actually see when you look at a certain page.
As a business owner you should always concentrate on running your business, and not technical details. If you're doing technical parts than who's running your business. there is literally nothing we couldn't make in Prestashop, starting from Front-end Changes, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, Module Changes, Module Creation.
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