PrestaVault Malware | Trojan | Virus Protection

Protects and monitors your mission critical PrestaShop files. Quickly detect and remove unauthorized changes.

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Price: $43.90

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Free Upgrades:

12 months

Prestashop Version:

1.5 x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x

Core Changes:



  • Lost sleep about your shop getting hacked or other unauthorized file changes?
  • PrestaVault is designed to alert you of file modifications so you can react fast to avoid website being flagged by search engines as malicious for example.
  • Monitor and protect your shop file integrity with our module and sleep a little better.  


  • With built in alerts, the shop management can react quickly to unauthorized shop file changes.
  • Restore unauthorized changes using PrestaVault.

Resolves these hard management issues:

  • How will I know if my shop files have been modified to avoid shop domain being tagged as malicious by Google, other major search engines and anti-virus firewalls?
  • What did that person with FTP access actually change?
  • How do I know when a module has been installed or changed by back office employees?
  • Are there internal programs with external connections modifying my files?
  • Why am I not sleeping so well?


  • Rich module configuration options.
  • File detection: Size | Permissions {File | Group | Owner} | Time | Stamp
  • File Protection: Restore unwanted changes | Commit good changes
  • Scan: Manual | Secure CRON
  • File system change alerts to one or more email addresses detailing changes.
  • No http overhead, and no sharing of shop FTP and MYSQL credentials.
  • Fast, scan.
  • No core changes.



Free Upgrades12 months
Prestashop Version1.5 x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x
Core ChangesNo
Live Demo PS1.6
Admin Demo#
Admin PS 1.6#
Live Demo PS 1.7

Perfect! Nothing to add.

Very good module. Mark any change in you files. Just tested change or add code and it's awesome all noticed.
Also I have abilities use support which is very instant and friendly. Good luck and keep going this way.

All the best.


    A must have!

    Warehouse had a weakness and when discovered, many got hacked very fast. We discovered a lot malicious code changes and new hack files placed all around Prestashop up to the root of our webserver. Our home page was even replaced with a hacker page. We lost more than a half month business!

    Even with a daily malware scan, nothing was reported. The only way is to check all Prestashop files for changes at a regular basis. This module does a great job doing that and it's the only way to control the integrity of more than 40.000 files!

    Fantastic module!



      hank you for this excellent module. There is a need today to secure the store (s)!

      With this module you can do it at a very reasonable price and hopefully get a better sleep when you know that you may become the subject of an attack, or other attacks to get a report on this, and can take action. Equally so you get reports on whether anyone should make any changes to your modules or files. With the idea that there is a plethora of viruses and Trojans, so this module is a very good solution.

      Can be highly recommended!

      Here comes the Swedish translation file. Feel free to use it to your module.

      Best regards

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      Good protection

      We installed PrestaVault after getting a Malware on our Prestashop 1.5 ... A good protection to have in case it happens again.

      • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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      PrestaVault Malware | Trojan | Virus Protection

      PrestaVault Malware | Trojan | Virus Protection

      Protects and monitors your mission critical PrestaShop files. Quickly detect and remove unauthorized changes.

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      PrestaShop PrestaVault User Guide

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