JavaScript | CSS Splicer Tool

Improve shop performance and SEO ranking by removing hand coded .js and .css files.


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Free Upgrades:

12 months

Prestashop Version:

1.5 x, 1.6.x

Core Changes:


Database Changes:


Multishop Compliant:


Module Features:

  • Replace .js or .css files had coded in theme (header.tpl).  There may be other hand coded can be found.
  • Once added with module, simply remove hand coded call.
  • You can also add local or remote .js or .css files to be included in header of your shop anytime you want.


PrestaShop Compliant 1.5 | 1.6

MultiShop Compliant

Core | DB changes: No




  • Consolidate all .js and .css files for smarth cache CCC and mimify.
  • Decrease time of page render (by include in native CCC)
  • Positive impact on visitor experience and naturally increasing SEO.

Technical Overview:

  • Often times template designers will code by hand .js and .css files in theme header.tpl and other .tpl and module files.
  • This results in ,js and .css files not being included in native PrestaShop combine compress cache (CCC) and more.
  • This directly impacts shop performance and lowering SEO score.

How to use:

1. visit page, right click view source and find orphaned .css and .js files (that are hard coded).  If ccc is on for that file type it's easier to see as it's not included in ccc.

2. add the file location as you see in the source to the module.

3. revisit the page, right click to view source

 (best now to turn off CCC for .css or .js whichever your are working with.

4. you should see the file now in grouped .css or .js files.  click on link you added to ensures that module found it, click link to see source.  (note you will not see if file location is incorrect in module)

5. if found, then modify the hard coded value call (i.e. headter.tpl) comment out the hard coded call.

6. then go retest that it's being called as in (2.) (test test test makes a good shop manager)

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Free Upgrades12 months
Prestashop Version1.5 x, 1.6.x
Core ChangesNo
Database ChangesNo
Multishop CompliantYes
Live Demo PS1.6
Admin Demo#
Admin PS 1.6#
Live Demo PS 1.7#

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JavaScript | CSS Splicer Tool

JavaScript | CSS Splicer Tool

Improve shop performance and SEO ranking by removing hand coded .js and .css files.

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