PrestaShop Advanced Visitor Language | Currency Pro

Advanced Visitor Language | Currency Localization

Most accurate PrestaShop visitor's language and currency localization on the planet.


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Free Upgrades:

12 months

Prestashop Version:

1.6.x, 1.5 x


English, Italian, Dutch (German), Spanish, French

Core Changes:


Database Changes:


Multishop Compliant:



Module Overview

Basic native PrestaShop only checks first language of visitor's browser.

When the first visitor's language is not found in your shop then default front office language is used.

This module extends basic PS IETF logic to check all visitor's browser languages.


Example Shop: Default language French | but shop also has English
"I prefer Danish but will accept in order of preference also German or English."
PrestaShop would serve French, which is incorrect.
Advanced IETF Module would serve English

As a bonus the module will set shop's currency to country found in visitor's browser language. You assign the currency using native Prestashop back office-->localization-->countries-->edit a country (assign the default currency).



Visitor's Experience

Significantly improves visitor's experience by matching their language and currency.


IETF Support

Supports full IETF language code, en-us | en-uk or es-es | es-ar. NO IP CHECKING!


Matches visitor country

Matches visitor's IETF country code to PrestaShop's country for default currency selection.


Improves SEO

Improves search engine organics by matching correct crawler langauge. for example.


Best Current Practices

Support of 'Best Current Practice' as described by The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).


Excellent performance

NO performance impact! zoom zoom


Regional Variants

Add another language by region, for example add 'many' es-(country codes).


Expand your coverage

Take a big leap and start selling your products throughout the entire world!

Open your store to the entire world!

Provide the best experience for clients worldwide

Free Upgrades12 months
Prestashop Version1.6.x, 1.5 x
LanguagesEnglish, Italian, Dutch (German), Spanish, French
Core ChangesNo
Database ChangesNo
Multishop CompliantYes
Live Demo PS1.6#
Admin Demo#
Admin PS 1.6#
Live Demo PS 1.7#

Works great! Must have for multi-language!

Out of the box PrestaShop is not ideal for a multi-language website but this module fixed all issues and made our site better!

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    PrestaShop Advanced Visitor Language | Currency Pro

    PrestaShop Advanced Visitor Language | Currency Pro

    Most accurate PrestaShop visitor's language and currency localization on the planet.

    v1.0 Aug 08 2014 Base Release
    v1.1 Aug 31 2014 - Added currency detect logic
    v1.3 Sep 01 2014 - Support 1.5-1 -
    v1.4 Sep 25 2014 - Fix Currency | Add trace capability by IP or when in Demo mode
    v2.0 Oct 08 2014 - Feature: extend currency detect when no match on http_accept_lang
    v2.1 Oct 21 2014 - fix incorrect return to parent tools (required)

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