Geo Visitor Shipping Assurance

Provide best in class visitor assurance that your shop delivers to their country.


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Module Overview

Visitor Geo Targeting Commander is the ultimate solution for both non-logged and logged visitor shipping assurance.

The Shipping Commander Module takes care of important visitor experience issues.

  • Non-logged visitors being shown the shop's default country shipping. 
Visitor Geo Targeting Commander integrates with PrestaShop Geo Location and PrestaHeroes Geo Targeting Pro (recommended).  

Key Benefits

Visitors/Customers can select their 'delivery country'.

Visitor will know that your shop delivers to their country without signing in.

Compatible with existing zones

Localizes all 'by country' shipping and is 100% compatible with existing zones, products associated, advanced stock management and warehouses.


Quick Install

One-click install with feature rich widget configuration by device type: desktop | tablet | mobile. Hook widget 'anywhere' without limits.


No native shipping changes!

Requires zero(0) changes to your existing shipping definitions.


Geo Targeting

Automatically localizes shipping based using your shops existing PrestaShop country detects

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Benefits for merchants

  • Significantly reduces cart abandonment by providing assurance you deliver to their country.
  • Configure display widget for Desktop | Tablet | Mobile. Built in hook manager that allows hook anywhere by device type.
  • Optionally consolidates all visitor's localization choices into the widget, Language and Currency.  All viisitor localiztion choices in one place.


Non-logged visitor benefits

  • Provides assurance visually that your shop delivers to their country. 
  • Creates complete visitor experience and will significantly reduce cart abandonment for visitors .
Support 3 Months Free
Free Installation Yes! Use Contact Us.
Compatibility 1.6.x
Languages EN, ES, IT, FR
Core Changes No
Database Changes No
Multishop Compliant Yes

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Geo Visitor Shipping Assurance

Geo Visitor Shipping Assurance

Provide best in class visitor assurance that your shop delivers to their country.

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