PrestaShop will burn down the house to create a significantly better cart.  Every time is more exciting than the last but getting from a major release to something really stable is a messy affair.

This post is  my ‘go to rant’ about PrestaShop in that early stables are released with to many errors that basic cart/admin testing would find.  This creates a lot of early confusion and creates a poor PR from the very start.   

This I see is directly related to open source idea of using their community to test and provide forge reports to make a better release. Most of the community however will not report issues to forge but rather use the official PrestaShop forum or other channels seeking help. 

PrestaShop provides betas we can test early (time available) but also provide early stable access via a dependency manager which is not user friendly and only used by real PrestaNerds.  This results in poor community testing of stable releases.

Ok, my mom said if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything. 

I propose one simple idea that PrestaShop provide community experts and internal with access to pre-release for acceptance testing.  This feedback could then be worked by PS team to provide a better release. 

Ok, so PrestaShop tells us we can use their dependency manager to test various stages of a release, but this is complicated process for 95% including myself.  Obviously this is not working based on issues we found with and reported when doing last client upgrade for

So now I'm off to help beta test v1.  

Happy PrestaShopping

El Patron (aka Hero Fred at