We have created this demo to allow community an opportunity to test drive a PrestaShop with a high quality 3rd party theme installed and configured with demo data.

The list of new features in the new PrestaShop 1.7 is very 'extensive' and  beyond the scope of today's writing.  

Performance.  We knew that would get your attention.  The new architecture significantly improved 2nd/nth page loads. Prior to 1.7 when we enabled under performance settings CCC of .js and .css files, each different page type had it's own CCC of the .js/.css files.  With 1.7 there is only 1 CCC of .js/.css files for all pages.  This is incredible new feature overlooked by other feature lists.  

Inheritance.  With introduction of theme template inheritance developers can now create 'first world' eCommerce modules.  Now we are already seeing templates with 'multiple product' page designs, which is huge!  Think Shopify and their templating system liquid....it's like that.

Here at PrestaHeroes we do not recommend anything until we are 100% confident in the base features before we advise our clients that their shop needs to be upgrade.  With release of PrestaShop also announced autoupgrade support of 1.6->1.7.  

Because of the amount of time before PrestaShop announced autoupgrade support from 1.6 to 1.7 developers had extensive time to upgrade theirTheme/Modules and even create modules that were not even possible in previous versions (priceless).  This is good news for those that have upgraded soon after new release only expeience incompatibility issues.

PrestaHeroes legend el patron is now recommending serious shop managers to move to 1.7 platform, it's all about beating your competition and your upgrade to 1.7 including spectacular front office will make your competition worry about their dated shop and poor performance...

This demo is running on a US based Liquid Web Storm Cloud VPS.  Contact us if you want 'fast' affordable hosting upgrade, Liquid also offers EU zone hosting.  Oops...grandpa goes off track, espresso does that.

Happy selling,

Your team at PrestaHeroes.com

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