As you know PrestaShop 1.7 it was a major version and an important milestone in PrestaShop life. From the launch date (November 7th, 2016) more than two years have passed and during this time the PrestaShop platform developers did not slow down with the developing. During these two years, they have worked hard to improve this platform, as you, to be completely satisfied when you decide to upgrade your 1.6 or 1.5 or an older version to the most recent version 1.7.

The 1.6 version slowly reach the end of the road, even if initially it was announced as the maintenance for this version will be stopped in October 2018 and then this date was extended until 30 June 2019, is close to touching its end.
In the context in which we know that the maintenance for the 1.6 version will be stopped, we have the responsibility to recommend you to upgrade to the newest version.

We do not recommend the upgrade, only for the fact that shortly the 1.6 maintenance will expire. It is worthwhile to upgrade because the 1.7 versions are far superior to the old ones. You can surprise the competitions with a new and modern website with which they will no longer be able to compete. As I mentioned earlier the first version of the 1.7 has been released for more than 2 years, since then many improvements have been introduced we can courageously declare that the latest versions are stable from every point of view and it will offer a new experience both for you and for your users.

Here are just a few of the 1.7 version benefits

  • It is more user-friendly (it was developed in such a way that will help users to overcome the challenges when it comes to build and develop their online business.)
  • Product page/fast sales (adding new products and managing modules or catalogs now takes a lot less time and effort, in this way, you will have more time for sales and deal with your clients. )
  • Back Office and module section (rethinking the back office, brought to the rewriting of the module page which results in better management, the navigation between the modules has become much simpler.)
  • Coding with symfony (the new standards and tools that are incorporated into PrestaShop 1.7 include the latest Symfony framework to improve code security and overall website performance. )

The difference between the two versions is very high if I start writing all these difference this blog post will never end :) so we decided to show you the differences. We have created a demo 1.7PrestaShopp site where you can take a look and test the new version.

Admin Access:

Front Office

Demo Admin Login


If you have taken a look at the demo above you certainly were amazed by the new version and I think it doesn't need more presentation.

In addition to the announcement that the maintenance and development of the 1.6 version will be stopped, a few days ago, it was published that the PHP earlier than 5.6 will be no longer supported by the PrestaShop and their use will not guarantee 100% the security of your store.

Since 2019 it has become risky to use one of the older versions of PHP. The PHP language as other technologies progresses over time resulting in the publication of new versions. They ensure a part of the security and also help to improve the site performance in this context, updating them is very important.

Version 1.6 of PrestaShop has since been updated to ensure compatibility with PHP 7.1 but the PHP 7.1 will no longer be supported after December 2019. This means that there will be no new version of PrestaShop 1.6 compatible with PHP versions that follow version.

PrestaShop 1.7 has been updated to be compatible with PHP 7 which version of PHP improved the performance. PrestaShop 1.7 is the version that will be supported in the feature by PrestaShop and it will remain compatible with the latest version of PHP.

This is the best moment to start the upgrade.

Always in any field the use of the latest technology results in business growth. Why not be among the first to upgrade your website and enjoy the benefits. Until your competition struggling with the old version of PrestaShop which is slow, obsolete, uncool and insecure in front of vulnerabilities you can have a modern and fast website with an amazing design which attracts users, subscribers or potential customers as a magnet.

If you have decided that upgrading is the best way to grow your business don't hesitate to contact us. The heroes are here to control the situation. You will be amazed by our super service.