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Significantly decrease PrestaShop Back Office page render time.  BoZoom Zoom 
Only pre-authorized customers can view shop prices or make purchases.  
Defer Render-Blocking JavaScripts providing fastest ‘above-the-fold’ page display. Significantly reducing page load time.
Outputs information about the current state of PHP running on your shop.
Protects and monitors your mission critical PrestaShop files. Quickly detect and remove unauthorized changes.
Significantly reduces non-logged international visitor's cart abandonment.
Define Different Default Front Office Currency (+ by shop in multishop).
Provides SEO signal(s) to Google and other search engines the language(s) | country(s)/region(s) content is available for. 
Most accurate PrestaShop visitor's language and currency localization on the planet.
When PrestaHeroes says upgrade we include the whole enchilada.  Not only will your shop have the latest PrestaShop admin features but more importantly a new shop tuned for 'best in class' visitors experience.
The Ultimate Solution for visitor and customer shipping Localization. Reduces cart abandonment by providing accurate shipping prices and carrier choices for both logged and non-logged visitors.
Improve shop performance and SEO ranking by removing hand coded .js and .css files.
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