Why us?

PrestaHeroes Heroic Support and Solutions

PrestaHeroes creates ‘best in class’ visitor experience. This includes all facets with emphasis on ‘above the fold’ optimization both from a visitor and performance perspective. So if you think your competitor’s shop is better, it probably is, and we can help blow past them to make them react or lose out.

Our experience consists of over 300 upgrades including installation and configuration of quality themes that provide you with the tools to sell productively. We’ve seen it all. And having a zero fail rate…well that’s what makes us heroes.

SEO? We don’t just create reports, we summarize, create and execute an action plan. Yes, Seo Heroes as well.

Our support offers a secure modern project management system and ticket client portal, which reduces time, saving you money by helping to keep your business productive and competitive. We even work with other agencies when they need heroes. We love working with other passionate PrestaShop professionals, so contact us.